Our world is under threat; global warming and extreme climate change represent the greatest single risk to the future of people all around the planet. The decisions we take now are more important than ever and a failure to act will have irrevocable consequences for future generations.


I’m incredibly passionate about the environment because I want our children to grow up in a clean, green world – one in which their livelihoods are not endangered by pollution, collapsing bio-diversity, or runaway global warming.


Protecting our environment requires integrated action; the next government must put environmental concerns at the heart of every policy area. In particular we need to make the development of sustainable energy sources an absolute priority.


The good news is that what is good for the planet can also be good for all of us, and it needn’t cost the earth; the Liberal Democrats in government have worked hard to help establish Britain as a world leader in green technologies, protecting our future and ensuring that responding to the environmental agenda works to positively boost our economy, not hinder it.